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How to Get Free Data On Any Network
Firstly download this app called dent right through HERE

Now after you have downloaded, sign up to receive free 30 dents. Now those point are converted into data on any network of your choice.
This Works For All Country
Now let’s see how many dents point you need in order to get 1gb of data on any network most especially on MTN.
Let’s say your refer people to increase your dents and you can also do survey to increase your earning
1 ref = 20dents
151 dents = 1.5gb mtn.
The most astonishing things about it is that, it does work with mtn double data if you have activated it using any of our imei number we sent in this group before.
So enjoy guys and feel free to ask anything you seem not to get about it and we will be glad to help.
see screen shot 

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