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MTN Free Browsing Cheats using StarkVpn

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 MTN Free Browsing Cheats using StarkVpn

Firstly Download StarkVpn App then Follow the Procedures Below
Go to CUSTOM(its red colored)

Seven (7) settings will be displayed for you to set them

Here are the 7 settings below

Select Connection Mode >> HTTP

Server Port >> 443

Host Header >>

Select Header line Type >> Singleline

Reverse Proxy . Don’t tick

Proxy Host >>

Proxy Port >> 8080

After the Completion of those settings;

Just go back. You would see DISCONNECTED (in red button)


It would write “connecting”

Just Wait for few Seconds, It will show CONNECTED (Now in green button)  and your Key displayed

Now. You can successfully browse /Surf the net

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