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 Is another beautiful piece of work from Miss Eddy Abasi- Odiong who loves writing, and this time around she came up with a beautiful story tittle Pain Hero a story that is inspiring, motivating and educating. 
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 It’s another Tuesday morning; the time is nearly 8am. The cock crows, birds fly about the area, pupils go to school, and she walks around the place serving customers who came to have breakfast at her restaurant.
Good morning, you are welcome to our restaurant, what would you like? She hands them a menu and heads to welcome the next customer.  She works until 12pm in the afternoon. Eish, it’s 12pm already. I’m pretty tired joor. I cannot come and die, someone else will continue biko. She murmurs slowly and immediately, a man who is in his mid-thirties walk in. May I have a glass of water please? The young man says to her. He is sweating profusely and she can’t help but wonder why he needs just a glass  of water.
A glass of water?  He lifts up his eyes and looks at her and she quickly discovers that he is serious about it.  There you go, she says handing over the glass of chilled water to him. Please get me a glass of normal water. But sir… He looks at her again with the corner of his eyes and she understands that he means business. What a weird fellow! She murmurs to herself. How could he be sweating so seriously and ask for only a glass of normal water? Couldn’t he drink normal water at home? Anyway, here is your order sir.  Thank you, he replies. He drops an amount of money with her and leaves immediately. Something must be wrong with him. Is he ill? He doesn’t look so pale. Maybe he just broke up with a fiancée, but then, he doesn’t look like one who any lady will like to be involved with. She hastens out to meet him, and walks briskly as she tries to catch up with him. Sir, please wait! Why not have a glass of cold drink, have a meal, and get some fresh air at our restaurant. The weather is pretty hot; you could get sunburn like this. No, thank you. Please advertise your restaurant to the interested people. Any other thing? She holds her purse steadily and says, well, if you don’t mind, you could go elsewhere, there’s somewhere close by at the next street.  Well, I do mind, so I don’t think I will be going there.  Uhmm, ok sir, let me come with you please! I need to drop by at that same restaurant to get something, I have been permitted at work, and every other worker will take care of the remaining affairs.  You’re full of problems, anyway, get into the car, he says. Smiling at her well-planned idea, she turns round and gets into the car. He starts the car and goes off immediately.  Sir, please could you put on the AC, it’s a bit hot.  No, I can’t. You’ll be dropping anytime soon, so there will be no need for that. Alright, I’ll manage, she says as she picks up a fan from the car to fan herself.  Is that how you were taught to behave? Taking things that don’t belong to you?

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Remember Sharing is caring!


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Updated: March 3, 2019 — 3:12 pm

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