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Do you think the internet and World Wide Web mean the same thing? They are miles apart actually. The internet is a network of computers, while the World Wide Web is a bridge for accessing and sharing information across it.
Online dating might sound like a dumb idea but wait till you hear the amount of revenue it is generating. According to the latest statistic, online dating generates approximately $1 billion dollars every year.
The Department of Defense of the US also uses Linux extensively. The Red Hat Linux runs the nuclear submarines of the State. 
In its primitive days, all of the Google was squeezed inside ten 4 GB hard disks. You know how big it is today? Something around 100 million GB.
Around 80% of the images available on the internet are of Naked women.
2% Of all existing websites online are currently NSFW.
1 out of every three downloads is NSFW content.Sunday is the day of maximum consumption.   The online adult industry makes 3000$ a second.
NSFW:Not safe for work
There are more Facebook users from the U.S.than U.S. citizens that voted in the last election. 
44% of registered Twitter users have never tweeted. 
The first website created was, and it is still online and working fine. It is a very basic HTML site, and the page contains few lines of text. The page was written with the help of the first version of HTML.
There are more than 1.5 Million apps on both Google Play and iTunes Store
By the end of 1993, there were only 623 websites on the World Wide Web 
India has more people using the Internet than the entire population of the U.S. 
Researchers are debating on adding Internet Addiction to the list of mental disorders. 
In 2010, Finland became the first country in the world to make Internet access a legal right
The official Twitter account of @Sweden is given to a random citizen every week to manage. 
According to the Associated Press, the CIA is monitoring up to 5 million tweets a day, poring over Facebook and blog posts, and watching other social networks from a nondescript facility in a Virginia industrial park.
Facebook earns an average of US$5.85 from every U.S. user.
Apple iPad’s retina display is actually manufactured by Samsung
Zuckerberg tried to acquire Snapchat for $1 billion in October 2013. Spiegel and Murphy rejected that offer. Zuckerberg returned a month later with a $3 billion offer, which was again rebuffed.
Porn websites attract more visitors each month than Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter combined.
Music video ‘Gangnam Style’ was so popular, at that time as it broke YouTube’s view counter, which had to be upgraded.
“Friendstalker” was one of the early names considered for Twitter.
Twitter has 310 million monthly active users, almost the same as the U.S. population
India has more mobile phones than toilets. 
The Philippines has the slowest Internet speed in the entire Southeast Asian region with an average speed of 3.54 Mbps.
Disconnecting people from the Internet is a human rights violation according to the United Nations.
Have you ever used Nokia 1100? Be proud, it was the bestselling electrical gadget in history with more than 250 million pieces sold.
The world record for the fastest time to log into a Gmail account is 1.16 seconds.
70% of Snapchat users are women.
The average Microsoft employee, or “Softie” as they call themselves, is a 38-year-old male with the average salary for a developer coming in at $106,000.
In Japanese, “e” can be translated to “image,” and “moji” can be translated to “character”, so “emoji” is literally “image character.”
Snapchat founders had tried nearly 34 projects before coming up with the social network
While Mark Zuckerberg Succed in first attempt of facebook
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Updated: March 2, 2019 — 11:19 am

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