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By admin , in makemoney , at April 16, 2019

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Today I will be teaching how to make money from bitcoin ..
What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is not like dollar, euro, pounds or even naira that is restricted to a particular country unless  been exchange to another currency. Bitcoin can be used anyway in the world and the same amount it has in another currency is the same amount for others currency (as of writing this post 1 bitcoin =  5060 dollars ). This still have the same amount in other currencies.Read more here
There are many prediction that bitcoin is the future for money. There are lot of ways to make money from bitcoin.
1.       Is by trading, you buy and sell bitcoin and make your profit from it
2.       The other method is by investing  on bitcoin, but this require you stay a longer time like 3 to 5 months  for there to be an increase in price then you sale or you keep stocking for a longer time
There are many ways you can add the bitcoin to your portfilo . either by buying or mining or using bitcoin faucet
I will be teaching you guys how to get free bitcoin using bitcoin faucets . what is bitcoin faucets.
Bitcoin faucets is a reword system , in the form of a website or app that dispense reword in the form of a satoshi.
There are lot of sites I have tested and have selected the best and sure ones to get bitcoin from.  
 Before we proceed you need to create an account in coinpot where you will store your coin for a temporal time, then move it to your main bitcoin wallet. I will recommend Binace as your main wallet, it also provide treading platform for altcoins.
After creating account on coinpot you will use  the email to sign up on the faucets sites. Click on the list to sign up . 

NOTE:  create account on the seven sites since all work with the same coinpot to increase your earning.
The list is as follows:
After you sign up you start claiming, also coinpot give you 3 token for every coin time you claim .
You can covert all to bitcoin and withdraw to your account ( bitcoin wallet)
From here you can sell it and get the physical cash in any currency you want.
My trusted and tested market place is paxful . you can sign up in paxful through here ..
For more information use the contact form

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