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Complete Huge Collections Of Google Drive Links 2019 (Updated)

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Google Drive allows you to access your Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, videos and many more from everywhere just by creating a Google account. There are plenty of e-book sites which offer you to download e-books on your device or allow you to read online. To download e-books , Movies on your device they acquire more storage space. You can store e-books, software, songs, photos, videos and many more on Google Drive. Here are the collections of google drive links or gdrive links.

A complete list of links for downloading movies, Programming guides, E-Books, 4k wallpapers, Video guides etc. Also, we are the owner of this links provided below. It has been grabbed from many online sites.
Complete Huge Collections Of Google Drive Links 2017


Google does not provide anything like this, the movie links you see of Google drive simply indicate that these users.
  1. Every links provided below are Only For Educational Purpose.


Huge Collections Of Google Drive Links 2019

1. Books

By using this links you can download maximum every book available in the market. Might be few may miss still we assure you can get most useful and valuable books free in Google drive. More links will be updated soon, Learn more and stay happy.

  • English Books – Novel Books
  • Subject Books – Subject Books
  • 300 Medical Books – 300 Medical Books Link
  • E-Books – Ebooks
  • Linux – Linux Coding Books
  • Hacking Books – Hacking Books
  • Novel Books – Noval Books
  • Programming Books – Programming Books

If you still can’t find the Book you’re looking for, Her is the complete list of IT books link that we have obtained.

Complete List Of IT Books

2. Guide

In this guide, you can get both video and Text based guides from this google drive links. More than 500 GB of video guides are uploaded by our XDA Friends.M ost guides are for programming languages we will update more links soon as possible.

  • 500 GB Video Tutorial – 500 GB Video Guide
  • Arduino Step By Step –  
  • C Programming – C Programming Guide 

Tutorial Link 1

    Tutorial Link 2

    3. Movies

    Here is the list of movies collected, We are not responsible for any copyright issues. We just share the links to download from Google drive. Trust only Gdrive links below to download or watch.
    Updated :


    4. 4k Wallpapers

    By using this link you can download high-quality Wallpapers and pictures from google drive links. You can also find more wallpapers in the best collection google drive link. Both links provide excellent quality pictures.

    5. Best Collections

    This is the best collection of all category you can download movies, pictures, songs and much more by using this Links. Most of this collections are valuable and high quality. We are happy to know your comments about this link. Since we personally love this category.

    6. Drawings

    Might be not extraordinary drawings but this looks amazing by great imaginary persons. Check out the Great diagram pictures. Few contents may be 18+ but user has made this art with extraordinary imagination and creation.

    7. Card Boutique

    Here are the best card Boutique designs, Each and every card looks excellent. After views, those cards just feel in love with it. Make a view on it and feel the extraordinary card design.

    8. Games

    Downloading games very difficult these days so here are some link that you can download free games from google drive links.

    PC Games Collections

    9. Software

    We will try to update more software or we will try to share software in google drive.

    10. Udemy Course Google Drive Link:

    You might be searching guides like SQL, PHP, HTML, and many designing course, Where you end up with Udemy which are paid course. So we are adding some Paid Udemy course free from some external sources.
    In this you could get Python course, CSS course, Adobe Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, 3D Motive, and more 50+ paid course for free.

     11. Other Collections:

    • SEO Course:

    You might find tons of guide to optimize SEO and many SEO guide, Here the Perfect representation guide to learn more about SEO completely.

    • English Learning Guide Google Drive link:

    English is just a language, So don’t be shy anymore while speaking in a group. Here is the perfect guide to learn English with Proper grammar and pronunciation.

    • Android Game Making Guide

    Making 2D android games are no more difficult, Here is the complete guide to build a 2D Android game from beginner
     to expert.

    All the above links are only for educational purpose we are not responsible if the uploaded or viewers misuse those links for any other purpose. We also share information which is useful to all readers. Still, if you guys find any issues with our site we are happy to here.

    Game Courses   

    A complete list of Game development courses and other hacking and programing course etc all repacked.

    Course Link

    🔰Adobe All Softwares 2018🔰

    A list of fully paid adobe Softwares free and available for downloads for the lovers of Digital Works.

    Adobe Softwares Link

    If any above information provided is illegal or If you face any issue with this links. Please Let us know by comments.

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