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How Easily Make Your WhatsApp Account with USA (+1) Number 2019

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You all know how WhatsApp started ruling our real world. Every single person in this world already started using WhatsApp. Most of us start our day by checking our WhatsApp messages. Whatsapp has many features that why people are using and relaying to this platform. Its secure, fast and very easy to use. It is one of the most downloaded applications in all the application stores. Also, it holds the record for most active users in a day for an application. There are already tons of tricks which are available on the Internet which are cool.

Well, As we all know WhatsApp is a most viral app on Playstore and being very popular in India and among all over countries as it introduces lots of features and very helpful than any other messaging app. Everyone using WhatsApp daily but do you know WhatsApp hidden tricks? Ah! If no then read this tutorial, here today Prime Creationscomes with best WhatsApp trick of 2019 to make your WhatsApp account with USA number and this method is fully tested and will 100% works. With the help of this WhatsApp trick, you can easily make pranks of your friends and relatives and do let them know that you are smart users by  Making Your WhatsApp with USA Number.

The best part of this trick to Creating whatsapp using USA number to safe your personal number and also helps you to stay safe from unwanted fake call from scammers and hide your identity from cheaters, because in Prime Creations we love to secure you, Protect you and Help You!

Recently, we got an email from one of our readers to write an article about How to make USA / UK Whatsapp number without having the number in the USA. If you don’t know let me tell you one thing. Getting a sim card in the UK or in the USA is not a simple thing. It may become horrible many times. So, we decided to cover this article on our site and here it is. In this article, we will walk you through all the steps to create a USA / UK Whatsapp number for free. Without wasting any more time let us actually begin with the article.

Do you know why people are interested to create WhatsApp from a US/UK a Canada number? Just to show off to their friends and some persons have their own reasons. Let us know what your reason to create a WhatsApp from US number in the comments below.

Benefits of Having US and UK Number

Privacy: If you want to chat with some new people whom you don’t want to share your personal mobile number, this trick is nuts. As you are using WhatsApp from a virtual number your personal number will not be revealed to anyone.

This is the main benefit of having a US WhatsApp number. Also, there is some additional add-on with this trick. They are You can show off to your friends using this trick. It works almost with every smartphone both Android and iOS. You can create a number which is starting from +1 which is not an easy task with the below tricks. Also, this trick won’t cost you even a single penny. Let’s have a look at the trick to using WhatsApp from US / UK number.


How To Make Your WhatsApp with USA Number 2019

To Make your WhatsApp account with US Number legally and working is very simple as one click hack method you can say. but be genuine, let us think if you need to make your WhatsApp account with US Number with country Code (+1) you should have to be the residence of another country first.

Is It Helpful or Not?

  • This Latest WhatsApp Trick Provides you more privacy.
  • It makes your identity personal even no one can trace you.
  • The more interesting thing you too have a USA No. (International Number).

This method uses a third party application named “GROOVE IP” which helps us to create a virtual US-based mobile number for free. You can make calls and send SMS too using this application. But those features need some money from your packet. Let us discuss what we need to use Whatsapp from US / UK. First of all download the application GROOVE IP from your play store / App store.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Download Groove IP

This application is available in your App store you won’t have security related questions Right? With our long-time usage, we felt this application won’t ask you any irrelevant permissions.
• After installing GROOVE IP application on your mobile, you need to sign up with your E-mail address.
• Now fill up your details and complete your registration.

How To Make Your WhatsApp with USA (+1) Number 2018

That’s it. Now you have been prompted to specify an Area code. If you have any particular Area code you can give that here otherwise just select No Specific code and hit next. Now you can select a mobile number from the list of numbers. Select any of the numbers.

How To Make Your WhatsApp with USA (+1) Number 2018

 Note that number. It’s time to create a new WhatsApp account from your US number. Open your WhatsApp and use the mobile number you noted and click on verify button.
• Now be patient and wait for some time until the Call Me option gets enabled. Once you see the call me button just click that to hear your OTP.
• Whatsapp bot will call now within seconds to your GROOVE IP number which tells you the verification code. Now you are done with the process of creating Whatsapp account using US number.


Method #2: Make WhatsApp Account Using Text-Plus App

This method is almost similar to the previous method except we use different applications on these two methods. But this application has some benefits over Groove IP. You can customize your virtual mobile number with this application Text Plus. First of all download this text plus application from your play store or from your App store.



• Download and install this application on your mobile.

 Make WhatsApp Account Using Text-Plus App

• Now click on Create account which is appearing on your splash screen.

• Enter all your personal details like email, mobile… and create your account on this application.

• After successful sign-up, open this application and sign in with your credentials.

• Now click on the Account menu and select Tap to get free US number on this option.

• After that, you are prompted with the dialog box asking you for the location of the number. You can keep it default or you can change to get a number from the selected location.

• Now you are popped up with the brand new mobile number which is based on the location you chose.

• Note the number and open you’re WhatsApp.

• Paste the copied number and click next to get the verification code from WhatsApp.

• Now you will receive an SMS in your text plus application. Enter your verification code and start rocking with your new WhatsApp.

Now you will have a US-based WhatsApp account without a mobile number in the US. Hope these two tricks worked for all of you.


Hope you like this article. If you feel this article How to make USA/UK WhatsApp number is somewhat helpful, share this article with your friends and family who is looking for this kind of WhatsApp tricks.

This above WhatsApp trick is very unique and latest upload on the internet by Prime Creations. with the help of this trick, you can make your whatsapp number with USA Number easily, and it will also help you to protect your identity. So let’s create your WhatsApp account with USA Number 100% working process.

Make Your WhatsApp with USA Number, But if you face any difficulty regarding any point, just feel free to comment below. and Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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Updated: May 12, 2019 — 11:32 am

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