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How To Easily Download Videos From YouTube In Android (2019)

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People like to download videos in the; if you are also from one of them, then you are at the right place. Here you will know how you can use TubeMate for Android . Tubemate is the most popular youtube downloader for android. Tubemate youtube downloader is one of the first youtube downloader android app which allowed us to download youtube videos for free very easily. It comes with easy interface though it does not comply with material design thus you might feel like using very old version android.


YouTube does not allow to download a video. There is no such option. This is why people use YouTube video downloaders and YouTube to Mp3 apps etc.

I tried a lot of those, but there were always certain issues that turned me off. For example, a few of them allow a limited number of videos to be downloaded and then there are those that infest your mobile phone with adware.

Then I found Tubemate. I have to say if you are addicted to youtube & want to download a lot of youtube videos then you just use this app. Because using this you can download any video with one click.

I have tested so many video downloader apps like snaptube and websites for downloading youtube videos but this for the Android user who wants to download videos from the youtube then this is the best option

App NameTubeMate
File Size8.39Mb
Founder Tubemate
Downloads2 Million+

Download Tubemate

How to Install TubeMate
First, you need to download from the above button. After downloading It will save in the Download folder ( Internal or external depends upon default storage settings).
Then you go to the File manager and find the app and click on it.
After clicking you may see a notice or warning from Android security about the unknown source. You can fix it quickly. Open Settings→Security and tick or Turn on allow application from unknown source.
Go back to File manager and again click on the Install Button.
tubemate installation
Install the app You also Need one more app from the play store Video MP3 converter download It From Play Store

Tubemate Tutorial: How to use it

Using You can also download videos from other websites like Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Youku, Vimeo, Metacafe, NaverTv, Kakao TV and Twitter.

Using tubemate is a simple and easy process.

How to download youtube videos using tubemate

When you will open it the first time after installing then it will ask for file permission. Simply allow it. It will also ask for the draw over other apps. Allow it too.

Doing all this it will show you something like this.

tubemate home page for android
copy link of youtube video

Youtube. You can use the search icon for finding videos. But I have a more simple solution for you. We all android user view videos by Youtube app Right. So open that video in the app that you want to download. There is a share button click on it and choose Copy Link as shown in the screenshot.

pasting video URL

Then open the TubeMate app and in the search box type that video URL.

After that, it will open start playing video. You just Need to Click on the download button as shown in the screenshot

click download button tubemate
select Quality for Video downloading

Then Select Video Format and again Click on the Download Button. It may show you a warning. Ignore it and click on Ok. If you do not install video mp3 converter then It will show popup about installation. Install it

Then It will Start Downloading Video. Scroll your Finger Right to Left to View Downloading.

Best YouTube Video Downloader Ultimate Speed (High Quality) 3

By Default It will save Video in the Internal Storage→Video Folder.

Same way you can use it for other websites. But for social network video, you need to login to your account.

Download Tubemate

Features of TubeMate

Not Heavy On Memory: This app is not heavy. It is not going to eat through your mobile’s memory.

It is a smart and small program that lets you save the videos wherever you want without being the burden on your mobile’s limited memory.

Support Many Media Websites: We totally understand that video is no more confined within the red limits of YouTube.

As a matter of fact, there is a whole different argument about the red pill or the blue pill.

While you know that YouTube is the red pill, there is another video sharing service that is very popular in the USA and other regions: Vimeo. Vimeo is the blue pill of video sharing.

From this app, you can download any video from Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vevo, Vine, Metacafe, Twitter, and many others. I bet not every other YouTube video downloading app can do this.

Easy to Download and Use: Since TubeMate for Android is a smart app that takes very little memory and since it is not full of adware, it is very easy to download and much easier to use.

It is a very simple app. All you have to do is click the install button and Google Play Store will download the app in a matter of one or two minutes. How to use it?

Pretty simple! Let us take the example of YouTube app. Here is how you do it:

  • Open the YouTube app and search the video you want to download.
  • Click on the video and once it is opened, go to the Share button.
  • The app would ask you to choose an option about sharing e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.
  • Choose TubeMate for Android, this would open the app and app would immediately start parsing video information.
  • Once parsing is done, the app would ask you to choose a resolution. You can even download in 1920x1080p.
  • And that’s it. The app would start downloading the video, you can see the process by swiping down the menu from the top. Once the installation is done, you can find it on your cell phone and play it.

Download Complete GOT Season: If any of the Game of Throne Seasons is there on YouTube – complete one. You can easily install all of the episodes.

Depending on your internet connection, it will take time – more or less, you’d watch entire season free of cost.

That is, TubeMate for Android does not limit your downloading. Other apps only allow you a daily or monthly quota and you cannot download as many videos as you want.

This YouTube video downloading the app for Android lets you download as many videos as your internet connection allows.

There is no limit and you’ll be never asked to buy the premium edition for more videos.

Even if your internet gets cut off due to any reason, as soon as you connect your mobile phone with another internet connection, the download starts exactly from the point where it was interrupted.

Fast and Correct Download: Yes: I know you want to know as to what exactly I mean by fast and correct downloads.

Well, this app is one of the fastest video downloading apps for Android. Depending on your internet connection, it can download the 1080p video in a few minutes

Then it comes about how correct are the videos.

This issue comes up mostly with new and unreliable apps. You download a video and you notice that the video quality is not the same as it was on YouTube.

TubeMate takes care of this and makes sure that you get the exact same video.

Android Compatibility: While all of us are infatuated with newer and better versions of Android and this is why many of us do not keep the same phone for more than a year or two.


If you are old-school and you still have that Android 3 or 4 or 5, you need not to worry about that.

The best thing about TubeMate is that this app needs a minimum Android 2.3 to work with. I have a cheap China made cell phone and even this one comes with Android 8.

However, if you still use a much older version of Android you can still use this app with all features like an Android 8 user will do.


I hope you like the tube or you use any other video downloader. sometimes I use snaptube. Recently I start using Tubemate.

If you are using any other app then let me know by comments

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