Holly Shit! Huawei Blocked From Installing Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp On New Smartphones

After the tech giant Google now according to the latest reports, it is known that users will have to manually install the well-known social network apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram on Huawei smartphones. As the social network giant Facebook has stopped allowing the pre-installation of its applications in Huawei smartphones in the last prohibition […]


The Complete Ethical Hacking Course- Beginner to Advanced! (Chapter One)

1.Reconnaissance This is the first step of Hacking. It is also called as Footprinting and information gathering  Phase. This is the preparatory phase where we collect as much information as possible about the target. We usually collect information about three groups,    1.Network   2.Host   3.People involved There are two types of Footprinting: . Active: Directly […]