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How to Make Fake Login Page to Hack Someone (Eductional Purpose)

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1- Open up the site that you want to make the fake page from it, after the load right click and save the page as “web page complete”

2- now open that page with notepad, and press control+F to access search bar, and then search “login”

3- behind the word “login” it’s written .action, we don’t need those so delete everything behind the login (this tutorial is for PHP, may you see login.aspx)

4- if you saw method=”post” change it to method=”GET”

5- ok now save it as .html

6- open a new notepad, and write this commands on it Here (

7- instead of Location:, write your login page address!

8- now save this as Login.PHP

9- Go to website’s that offer free hosts

10- Make an account, get your host and upload both of files!

11- After that you only need to give your HTML link to your victim!

12- If he opened and write his Login information you can access it!

13- If you look at PHP source, you can see log.txt that’s where your victim info’s saved.

Hope you like our work, do share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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