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Spotify Premium Accounts Give Away (2019)

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By Creative Mind , in Free tips , at December 9, 2019

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Who doesn’t not like listening to music in today’s time? But now not everyone wants to download songs as before. Spotify is the best song streaming app for those people where you can listen to many types of songs online and offline.

If you use Spotify, then you will know that Spotify also offers premium. In which you have many types of best features, but not everyone can provide premium, then for those people, here we are going to give Spotify Premium account for free. After which they will be able to access Spotify Premium for free easily.

All of you have shared the Spotify Premium APK here, you can also download it, and today we have brought free Spotify Premium account for all of you. You can log in by copying the username and password, which is given below.

What is Spotify premium?

How to get Spotify Premium Free: 4 ways (Best Method) {November 2019}

Are you a music lover? And do not know where to go. Well, here we are going to discuss this issue. If you are a music lover and do love to listen to your favourite band, then you must have heard about Spotify. Well, Spotify is an online music streaming company which was launched on 7th October 2008 and was founded on 23rd April 2006. Well, let’s not go into history and do talk about the present situation.

Well talking about the best music streaming company, Spotify does get counted into that. Spotify is available on Google play store and Apple iOS store as well. Being one of the best music streaming company, Spotify does you its different plans.

Spotify has three plans, the free one, the Premium one and the family one. In the free service, they run a lot of ads. The different type of advertisements is audio ads, video ads, and picture ads.

Spotify Premium plans and pricing

When it comes to the Spotify premium, people do ask for its plans and the amount that they charge. Spotify charges 9.99 dollars per month for the streaming of music. If you are a student, then you get a discount of 50 per cent and then it will cost you 4.99 dollars.

Now, as the amount of subscription is a little bit high, Spotify does give a trial of 30 days to its customers. In those 30 days, you can run Spotify as a premium member.


Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

As Spotify is a little bit pricy, people do think before taking the subscription. Here are some differences between Spotify Free and Spotify premium so that you could get the idea of it. Spotify free does give you a lot of ads. Spotify premium dies not to show any ads.

Spotify free is always played online, but Spotify premium can be played offline. Spotify premium offers download option in which you can download any songs and listen to them whenever you wish to listen to them. Spotify free does not support high-quality audio, which Spotify premium does.

You can listen to high-quality sounds only in Spotify Premium. If you do not like any song, you can not delete it from a playlist when you are using a free account of Spotify. On Spotify premium, you can skip as many songs as you wish to.

Free Spotify Premium Account 2019

As we have said that today you will share free Spotify premium account with all of you here, Click The Link THROWBIN

If an account does not work, then you check another account or you can comment in the comment box below and tell us that the account is not working.

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