Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Dstv Premium Self Serivce

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By Creative Mind , in tech , at January 21, 2020

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Worried your Dstv subscription has run out, we took the pain to give you the Premium Package even without the Box online minimum 3 years. What we give you is our Connect ID or details you need to stream it too. The Dstv:Self Service Premium app contains the details you need. Stream Dstv channels at no extra cost. Just a one-time fee.

Also manage your Dstv account like never before. Use Email, Whatsapp or even Twitter feeds to get your queries answered. There is also the Telegram Hub to get you all the explanations and help you ever wanted. Sometimes we forget little things, why do you think we have the Notepad ++ feature, store all the IUC or Smart card of the various decoders you have. You can add the groceries.

Wait there is more, stream movies in HD, watch live matches, read all the Tech News, get push notifications in real time to stay on top.

Also you could get some free data just by checking out offers, its a simple trick actually. Get some International numbers to chat, call or sign up with at little or no cost.

We are constantly adding new features, what now, just download and explore DSTV SELF SERVICE

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