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MEGA Review

MEGA is an interesting cloud storage service that has been through a lot of changes. In its current incarnation it’s as secure as it always was, but has shrunk its allotment of free storage space; sharing has improved, but could be better, still. Read on for the full MEGA review.

MEGA cloud storage was founded by the notorious Kim Dotcom in 2013. He doesn’t work there anymore, but the company went on and now advertises as “the privacy company.” It’s not as capable as the top services on our best cloud storage services list, but it has some interesting features, including zero-knowledge encryption, which you’ll learn more about in this MEGA review.

The service is among the best zero-knowledge services. The protection extends to your shares, too, because you can use private encryption to protect them and make sure only people you authorize can read them.

MEGA doesn’t shine in the collaboration department, though, because it lacks integrations and editing features. If you need those, refer to our best cloud storage for collaboration article.

That said, it has 100 million users, strong security, an enjoyable user experience and capable sharing options. If that’s what you need, stick with us as we discuss MEGA in more detail in the sections below.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Zero-knowledge
  • Encrypted link sharing
  • Great user experience


  • Speed can vary
  • Prices could be better
  • No link download limits


81% – Good

Aside from standard cloud storage features that let you move your work to the cloud and avoid potential data loss because of hard drive malfunctions, MEGA has an interesting feature and a couple of add-ons.

That feature is chat, which you can initiate with contacts you’ve added to MEGA. It uses encryption to secure your communication in real time.

The MEGAbird add-on lets you send large files using Mozilla Thunderbird.

For those who want to take a more hands-on approach, MEGAcmd is a command-line tool that lets you use your IT magic to work with files.

Versioning lets you have multiple versions of the same file and replace the current one with a previous version if someone makes a mistake or deletes a file. It’s enabled as a default in MEGAsync settings. If you upload or sync a file with the same name as an existing file in the same location, a new version of it will be created. Files that have versions are indicated by a clock icon.

If you think strong versioning capabilities will benefit you, read our best cloud storage for versioning.

MEGA can preview your photos and play videos, too. It’s a nice option for media, but not quite good enough to land on our list of the best cloud storage services for photos and videos. Still, that capability doesn’t extend to documents and MEGA doesn’t offer integrations with Microsoft Office or Google’s office suite.


76% – Good

Many services offer multiple plans, which increases flexibility and lets you get one that best matches your needs. MEGA follows the same logic, giving you a choice between one free plan and four premium plans.

The more plans offer for less money the better their value. If that’s your priority, be sure to read our best deals in cloud storage article.

FreeYou can earn more free storage, but it expires
15 GB StorageFREE
Pro Lite1TB transfer
200 GB Storage $ 5.69/ month
Pro II2TB transfer
1000 GB Storage $ 11.38/ month
Pro III8TB transfer
4000 GB Storage $ 22.78/ month
Pro IV16TB transfer
8000 GB Storage $ 29.78/ month

The transfer quota is the amount of data you can transfer between your devices and MEGA per month.

MEGA advertises the Pro I plan as the most popular, and it’s not hard to see why. It offers 1TB of storage, which is a good amount, but can’t quite match the best deals on the market, such as the 2TB plans from pCloud or

pCloud’s plan is cheaper, offers more space and gives a discount if you pay for the year. requires you to pay for the year in advance, but the cost per month is only $8, which is even better than pCloud. For more information about those plans, read our pCloud review and review.

MEGA doesn’t give you a discount, but offers two months free for if you purchase a one-year Pro plan.

The free plan used to be a huge lure for new users because it offered 50GB of storage. That changed in 2017 and now the service takes 35GB away after one month. Despite that underhanded move, MEGA is still one of the best free storage services.

You can complete achievements, such as installing the desktop client and the mobile app, but the storage you gain that way will vanish after 180 days. Even if you invite friends, you get storage that disappears after a year, which is a big contrast to services that don’t place such time restrictions.



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Updated: January 28, 2020 — 12:04 pm

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