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If you are reading this message, I guess you have before received a strange call from an unknown person claiming to have made a wrong transactions to your mobile money account and claims your account have been blocked due to that

Which I also guess most of you have been a victim of momo fraud

Well if yes, then you might have thought
About how this fraudster got your number

The momo fraudster getting your number is as easy as ABC….

Fraud Alert : New Mobile Money Scam Exposed

Have you really noticed that when you visit a mobile money vendor shop to transact , the book in which the vendor keep records including your number, amount withdrawn, amount sent and amount deposited are kept widely opened and they are made fully disclosed to any one who enters the shop

Now this is how they get your number…. When they get to the shop they easily capture the book with their phone’s camera, making them access to many or a vast number of contacts without even the knowledge of the vendor.

Now this is one of the technical ways mono fraudster get your number..

Therefore do not forget to tell any momo vendor you visit to keep the books in which transaction records are kept undisclosed.

Spread this message to end the works of momo fraudster.

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Updated: January 30, 2020 — 11:52 pm

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