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Nigeria Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Tips & Tricks (2020)

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By Creative Mind , in Free tips , at January 1, 2020

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Hello fam’s this your boy C&M and on today’s post i will be sharing 9ja unlimited data cheat, it been a while i shared an FBT for you fam’s so today am here to provide you an FBT so you’all enjoy.

Requirements (Glo Unlimited Download, Streaming, Browsing)
SIM: GLO (2 Separate Needed) Network: 4G LTE (Recommended) Tariff Plan: Old Yakata Airtime: N100 OS: Android, iOS, E.t.c
Optional Device: Touch Light Activation Time: Instant/1 Mins
Now, I will explain why you need this stuff above i.e why they are required. So to begin;

1. Two Glo Sim: 
Now you might be thinking, “why will I need two glo sim”? It is required because unlike another free browsing that requires just code or VPN, this is the first of its kind that needs two sims to operate fully. It is a glitch from Glo like I always say, I don’t prefer calling it free browsing. 
Now, why two Glo Sims are needed is because you’ll share the little data you’ll get from the first sim i.e the host to the second sim, it is the second you’ll use to browse unlimited. The first must not be touched, 40MB is what you’ll be given.

2. 4G LTE SIM:

Why is this necessary? If you are using Glo 3G (Although It Works Perfectly), you might get network break, meaning from 1.2MB/s, you can be seeing 72kb/s within a blink of an eye. But using Glo 4G LTE, you can have a good network which in turn improves the pace of your download, streaming quality and also browsing speed. Note that a 3G SIM with a strong network in your location works perfectly fine, but 4G LTE is recommended for the best experience.

3. Old Yakata Tariff Plan:

Glo Unlimited Browsing Trick

There is Old and New Yakata Tariff plan, when you go for the new one, the Glo Free Unlimited Browsing 2019/2020 doesn’t work. It is a must you are on Glo Old Yakata’s plan for this to work as expected. #100# is used to check your glo status if it’s old or new.
4. Airtime: N100: 

This is required for the unlimited browsing to work when you recharge N100 while on Glo Old Yakata, you will be given 40MB, anything other than that, it will not work properly, so make sure you are given 40MB when you recharge the N100. The 40MB is what we are to share tot he other Glo SIM for the Unlimited browsing to work, remember while browsing the 40MB will not be touched, the bonus lasts for a week and the auto-renew, so get your N100 ready.

How To Activate GLO Unlimited Browsing (Method Two)

1. Get Two GLO Sims, it can be 4G or 3G randomly.
– You don’t really need a 2nd sim
– Migrate to yakata
– Recharge 1h
– Wait for bonus (dial *127*0# to check)
Start browsing with the same sim

2. Migrate the First Glo SIM to “Glo Yakata” with *230# or *220#. or *310#
– The sim will not be used to browse.
– Make sure it is “Yakata”, not “new yakata”.
– Use #100# to check which you are on
– If Migration is difficult, migrate to Bounce via *170*4#, and then try again or call customer care.

Glo Yakata Glo Free Browsing
Glo New Yakata Free Browsing

3.  This is not required, but to make sure your data is not touched, use Touch Light so that the 40MB to be given to you will not be touched, but any other phone like Android can still be used, just don’t activate your data.

4. Load N100 card, Glo will inform you that you’ll receive 40MB, after some seconds, check your 40MB with *127*0#

Glo 40MB Yakata Browsing Unlimited
Glo Unlimited Cheat 2020

5. Share the data to the second Glo Sim with *127*01*number#
– It is not a must the second/browsing sim must be on Glo Yakata
– Even if you have Airtime, it will still work
– Sharing is limited to 5 Glo Numbers
– Load N100 Card every 4 days is recommended, but it auto-renews weekly if you have more than N100 on your SIM

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