Tuesday, September 29, 2020

21st Century “Dark Ages” (Corona Virus).What You Should Know About Turbulent Europe, and Safe Africa.

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By Creative Mind , in Free tips , at March 17, 2020

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While Africa was flourishing in the 5th century till around the 9th, Europe suffered and died through warfare, deceases, restlessness, etc. People, it was a time of lawlessness and savagery. This period was called the “Dark Ages”, because the people living in Africa lived well. Now, Europe is on the run cos of Coronavirus, while Africa is very much safe.

For the brown skin/native (you ignorantly call black), your color is the best thing in history, and non can dispute it. We were the first to be created, and we also gave birth to every other race and color on earth. It was brainwashing, slavery coupled with religion that actually made us to hate our color and existence.

For your info, the Coronavirus that is ravaging Europe, making major cities to be empty, was same way that the Dark Ages (476–800), ravaged Europe. But as the were sufferings and in confusion, we Africans were making tremendous progress. It was after the Renaissance (starting from the 12th) that Europeans woke up, came together, came to Africa and destroyed all we built for centuries, including our spirituality.

Its no longer news that no native/brown color has died of the virus, only the pinks (you call whites). What has that implied? It implies that we are more gifted, blessed, stronger and progressive minded than them. The question is, can we go back to our senses now and return back to how we were before they came?

How many earthquakes, tsunami, etc. do you record in Africa yearly? Africa is the only continent that has everything, apart from common senses and astute reasoning. Without the resources of Africa, Europe and America, would have been noting. For America to build the nuclear weapon used to destroy Japan (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), they had to steal the resources (uranium) from Congo.

We are yet to record any death in Africa related to the Coronavirus, even the “Nameless Italian” in Nigeria, is recovering. If that guy was to be in Italy, he would have been buried long ago. What if I told you that it was Europeans that brought Siphilis, small pox, gonorrhea, etc. to Africa and Latin America, will you all believe me?

If African leaders have sense, they ought to take advantage of this “21st Century Dark Ages”, and maximize it. For instance, they can’t play matches in Europe, why can’t we develop our local football team here? People can’t go to Churches in Europe, and for the first time Mecca is dry. What have we learnt? Hmmmm.


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