Tuesday, September 29, 2020

OMG!!! Pornhub Grant’s Italians Free Premium Access During Corona virus Isolation

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By Creative Mind , in Free tips , at March 13, 2020

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If you’re stuck at home during a global pandemic, what do you do? Pick up a book? Catch up on the plethora of streaming TV shows? Dial in to your umpteenth video conference call of the day?

Pornhub is hoping Italians have a little something different in mind. With Italy on lockdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Pornhub is offering its premium service for free to those in Italy during the month of March, The Next Web reports. No credit cards, just click and view.

Meanwhile, a portion of the proceeds from Modelhub, Pornhub’s creators hub, will be donated to local hospitals, The Next Web says.

Pornhub is never one to shy away from a newsy event; it’s jumped on the VPN bandwagon, offered Black Friday deals, and launched a Tor site to protect users’ privacy.

In the United States, the coronavirus has severely affected technology companies. Just today, MSI extended customers’ warranties by two months so they can focus on their health, while Twitter ordered its near-5,000 strong staff to work from home.

Here’s how to have free access incase you’re outside Italy 😉.

1. Download Nordvpn from the app store or if you’re on PC you can also download it from their official website link.

2. Use the free paid logs I’ve provided Here to Access the downloaded app incase you can’t afford it, after downloading the Nord VPN, open it & type Italy inside the Nord VPN search bar connect to the IP.

3.wait for a while to see a green indicator on your Nord VPN showing Connected to Italy.

4.now go to the official website of Porn Hub

5. Congratulations you now have complete access to premium Pormhub account without any limitations, free access to chat with life models,meet up & Soo many more.

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