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By admin , in makemoney , at April 12, 2020

Remember Sharing is caring!

Hi guys today I will be introducing you all to Staked wallet. As we all know if you own a crypto currency you need to store it in a crypto wallet, just like your normal wallets.

There are lots of crypto wallets out there where you can store your coins. Some wallets even support lots of coins and even allow you to exchange between coins.

Today I will like to introduce you to staked wallet. A crypto wallet that in my own  opinion offer the best features unlike other crypto wallets out there.

Here are some features of staked wallet.

  1. It pays you a daily profit of 0.2 percent of the amount of coin you hold in your wallet daily, which no wallet will do that.
  2. It charge little to no fee on your transactions.
  3. It provides proof of stake system that allows you to earn from 0.6 to 1.5 percent profits every day on the amount you invest. Which to be is a very good way to grow your crypto portfolio.
  4. It makes the minimum staking amount to be low so as to enable anyone benefit from the PoS ecosystem unlike other platform that requires huge amount.
  5. Stake wallet has a very simple user interface that makes it easy for anyone to use their app or sign up on their site.
  6. You receive daily reward in form of SWL which you can exchange to any currency.

There is lot more about state wallet that you can find on their official website here .

You can sign up with them here and start making profits.

Below are screen shot of my earning and

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