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CPA Marketing In Nigeria 2020

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By eddy , in makemoney , at June 18, 2020

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CPA marketing has been around for a very long time but only a few people know about it and how to make money with it. In this post, we will tell all about CPA marketing in Nigeria and networks that Nigerians can join and how to promote your CPA offers.

  • What Is CPA Marketing
  • Difference between CPA Marketing and Affiliate Marketing
  • CPA Networks
  • How to Promote Offers on CPA networks
  • Paid traffic and Free Traffic

CPA is the short form for Cost Per Action hence CPA marketing is a form of affiliate marketing in which you are paid once someone completes an action. In CPA marketing, the person who gives the offer to the CPA network to promote is known as the Advertiser and the person who is promoting the offer is known as the publisher and such offers include:

  • Email Submit
  • Zip Submit
  • PIN submit
  • Completing a Survey
  • Phone number Submit
  • Making a call
Adwork Media Offer page

In the image above, you can see that the person just needs to input his email address and we earn money as simple as that. In the next section, we will state the differences between CPA marketing and Affiliate marketing.


Like we said earlier in the description of CPA marketing, CPA has some similarities but there are some slight differences which we would state below in a tabular format.

CPA marketingAffiliate Marketing
It is easier to promoteIt is very difficult to promote
Earnings are quite less depending on the offer and it might range from $0.5 and aboveCommissions are large depending on offers too
Offers are easier to convertOffers are very difficult to convert
CPA Networks

The amount of CPA networks are vast that is why we decided to list the few below.

  • Maxbounty
  • AdWork Media
  • CpaLead
  • MostCpa
  • MaxWeb
  • Algo Affiliates
  • NeverBlue
  • Profit Social
  • Broker Calls
  • Adscend media

You can find more on Offervault(CPA Network Directory)


Promoting CPA offers is where most people find it difficult and if care is not taken, they might end up using they might end up using the wrong promotion strategy for an offer and they end up not seeing results.
There are two methods of promoting CPA offers and they are:

Free Method

Paid Method

Free Method: Free method as the name implies does not require you to pay money before you can promote your offers. There are various free methods of promoting CPA offers and there are:

  • Posting your links on Social Media Platforms
  • Promoting your links on your site
  • Posting your links on platforms such as quora, reddit and twitter.

Paid Method: In paid method, you are using money to promote your offers and this might include buying of ads,Use of solo ads and others.

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Traffic simply means visitors to a web page. Paid traffic means traffic that is being paid for and free traffic means traffic that you don’t have to pay for. It is important to understand these two terms as you will often come across them in CPA marketing. When promoting CPA offers, you have an option either to use paid or free traffic to promote your offers. A lot of people will prefer using free traffic because they don’t want to invest their money in buying traffic. When using free traffic you are highly disadvantaged compared to someone using free traffic.I guess I will have to stop here for now and if you have read until this point, subscribe so that you will be updated once we publish our next post on CPA marketing.

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