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Behind The Genius Hack, A.K.A The Bitcoin Scam (2020)

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By Creative Mind , in hacking , at July 16, 2020

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Killing two birds with one stone fits beautifully to describe the latest twitter hack followed by Bitcoin scam. The massive paradigm shift to the digitalization gave birth to the world of social media. Everyone in possession of some electronic device with access to the internet is now connected to the entire world forming a global village. With all the advancements, one cannot neglect the evil side of this evolution. Yes, I am talking about the misuse of private data, Cybercrimes, Online scams, and last but not least hacking. The compromise of twitter accounts does not surprise us anymore, but the hell broke out when the twitter accounts of high-Profile personalities were hijacked simultaneously. Although twitter named it as ‘security incident’ but it only highlights how vulnerable & unsafe we all are in the scary world of the internet.

Kanye West Hacked
Obama twitter hacked
Apple twitter hacked
Twitter Support

Plot Setting

The brilliant scam that shook the complete twitter world happened on Wednesday’s past noon whereas twitter smelled the fraud around 2:45 PT on Wednesday afternoon. All the tweets were similar in context as every tweet promised the double returns on every investment in the form of Bitcoins. Haste makes waste is an old saying, but some people fell for it and lost all of their money in a blink of an eye. People lost more than $7 million in a brief period before people realized; it’s a great hoax. From celebrities like Kanye West & Kim Kardashian west to politicians like Joe Biden, From world’s richest man Jeff Bezos to Multibillion Magnate like APPLE, Every single one of them became the food of hackers wild fleece.

Characters & Conflict

Most big names like Bill Gates & some other accounts gained the control over their accounts swiftly. At the same time, Bitcoin & Binance kept promoting the compromised tweets of Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk… regarding Bitcoin. One might ask how important these accounts are? If we go back in time and analyze certain events like that one tweet from Elon Musk which caused evaporation of billions of dollars from the market, we come to realize the gravity of this matter. Even former President Barack Obama could not save himself. The latest breach of twitter accounts gave birth to many questions that need to be answered, but a Twitter spokesperson said that they are looking into the matter. Frankly, that’s not enough. They are earning billions of dollars while raising one empire after another but could not invest a little more to protect the integrity of High-Profile verified accounts, let alone us.

Here is a list of twitter accounts that got hacked:

Apple, Elon Musk, Bloomberg, Cashapp, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Uber, Tron, Justin Sun, Bitcoin, Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, Coindesk, Charlee Lee, Joe Biden, and so many more.

The hacker’s website went offline after the reports. However, the registration credentials were entirely fake. The address was non-existent, while registered number was made up, and questions sent to the associated email address were ignored completely. It raises many questions on the hosting and domain providers. Is the current system ensures the quality check or these companies only care about making two extra bucks? Even Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO twitter account was hacked recently. What are we complaining about? Sigh


Who could be behind this whole game? Twitter lost a 3% value in its shares in after-hours trading. Although it’s just an aftershock, but that could have led to a massive disaster, the fact remains unchallenged that some corporate is pulling these strings because there is no smoke without fire. Twitter serves as a platform where people raise many issues from social injustice to state brutalities, from racism to the rights of women. Palestinian regions were completly gone today in Google & Apple maps, so it could be a distraction from some major development. As a player of Watchdog, I know the purpose of distractions in digital world. A lot of interesting conspiracy theories must be cooking in curious minds. Let’s see how far, this will go. However, All the verified accounts with a blue tick can not tweet now according to reports. As active users of twitter, twitter owns us an extensive explanation.

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