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how to order from aliexpress to nigeria

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Aliexpress is one the best online stores in the world and it is used by virtually everyone irrespective of countries. Making your first order on Aliexpress is a bit hard if you are not used to it because a lot of questions would pop up like:

How can I sign Up?

How can I track my goods?

How do I receive my goods once they have arrived?

How do I know if I am scammed?

Lol relax because in this post, we will address all this issues and show you how to ship goods from Aliexpress down to Nigeria.

Aliexpress home page

The first thing to do is to create an account on Aliexpress and you can simply sign up with your gmail account as it is easier and faster. Go to Aliexpress website

Once you have signed up, the next step is to update your shipping address and in order to go about that, follow the steps below:

At the top right hand corner of your screen, click on My account.

Aliexpress home page

A drop down menu will appear, click on My Orders

By the left hand side, find Shipping Address and click on it.

Aliexpress shipping address page

Add your address there as you can see from the image above, I have added mine.

Make sure you add your correct address and also make sure that the zip code is correct. Also note that zip code is not +234 but rather it is a set of 6 numbers that is assigned to each location in a country.


Once you are done with setting up the account, the next step is to find the product that you want to purchase. In order to do this, follow the steps below:

Type in the name of what you are looking for in the search bar

Aliexpress home page

Make sure you look at the ratings, a rating of 4.3 and above and also the amount sold. A product with a higher amount sold means it has a trustworthy seller. Now, select any seller you like and it must not necessarily be the first.

Select the quantity, color and click on buy now.

Aliexpress shoppng portal

You will redirected to a page where you will make payments.
Aliexpress makes use of a secured payment method called escrow which means that the seller would not receive the money unless you have confirmed that you have received the product.

Aliexpress checkout page

If you do not want to purchase the products immediately, then Add the products to cart so that you can come back later and purchase it.


Aliexpress allows you to track your products so that you can know the current location of the product. A tracking code is sent to your mail once they have confirmed the payments and whenever you want to check the location, you login to the website and use it.


If your product has arrived and you did not ship via third party then your goods will be taken to the post-office close to the address you put as your shipping address. If your tracking code shows that the product has arrived then go to the nearest Post-Office and they would hand over your product to you.

Please comment below if you have questions that you feel were not answered in this post.

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Updated: July 11, 2020 — 10:20 pm

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