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Top 10 CPA networks In 2020

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We published a guide on CPA marketing here and also how to promote CPA offers. We decided to publish a post on the top CPA networks you should join in 2020.

Top 10 CPA Networks in 2020


This is the number one CPA network in the world and it was among the top 2 CPA networks along with peerfly. but last year june to be precise, peerfly shut down operations. Maxbounty comprises of thousands of campaigns and tens of thousands of affiliates and it has any type of offers you can think of. So sign up and start earning

Maxbounty Home page


MaxWeb is a growing CPA network that aspiring CPA marketers should consider joining. They have offers for CBD,dating,Diet& fitness, Ecomm,finance/making money, French, Health digital, health supplement etc. You can view their campaigns here before applying.

Maxweb Affiliate offers page


As the name implies is a pay per call affiliate network and for those who have no idea of what a pay per call network is, It is a CPA network that pays you once someone should make a call. The pay is usually huge because it is not easy to convert.

Ring partner affiliate home page


This is another popular Pay per call CPA network and they have publishers worldwide.Click here to visit their website.

Ringba home page
Adwork Media

Adwork media is one of my favorite CPA networks because of the varieties of offers it has and it is very easy to be accepted if you answer the questions genuinely.

Adwork Media dashboard

Cpalead is one of the easiest CPA networks that beginners can sign up to and they also have content locking which most CPA networks do not have. Content locking means locking a content such as a video or an ebook so that visitors can only access them only when they have completed an offer such as completing a survey or a sign up form and this is totally dependent on the person designing the content lock.


Crackreve is the leading Adult CPA network worldwide as their niche is mainly about adult contents. Signing up for Crackrevenue is similar to that of CPALead because you can use your email account for it and they would be no extra questions like other common CPA networks.


Mobidea is not only a CPA network but also a place where one can learn affiliate marketing.Mobidea counts with a wide range of exclusive and converting offers. Their main verticals are Mobile Content, Sweepstakes, Coupons and Gift Cards, Adult, and Dating.

Mobidea Home page
Pina Media

Pina media is a cryptocurrency CPA network and pay as high as $720 per lead to publishers.This network is mainly for pros so if you have no experience in CPA marketing then do not sign up as it may lead to frustration.

Pina media inc homepage

This a website that is specializes in dating offers. If you have interest in the dating niche, then this niche is for you. It also has offers that can pay around 120 euros per lead.

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Updated: July 6, 2020 — 4:28 pm

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